4 Reasons Why Every Business Should Get Fast Internet Connection

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According to a global content delivery network provider, Akamai, Malaysia’s standard Web connection speed is the 10th fastest in Asia-Pacific in 2017, with an average internet speed for fixed broadband at 78.03 megabits per second (Mbit/s) as of early 2020.

With the world constantly transforming and upgrading, businesses need to leverage on the improving Internet connection speed to increase revenue, clients’ satisfaction and also workers’ work performance.

As a growing number of employees bring their Internet-linked gadgets to work, it will absorb limited bandwidth.

Below are 4 reasons your business should go with a better internet connection, and how it will be rewarding for your business.

Leverage on Cloud Networking

By leveraging on cloud networking, resources can be shared effectively to support the internet traffic and the high volume of data transfer. This will decrease the time needed to host a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process, which will result in a positive user experience.

Throughout the years, cloud-hosted applications have actually been increasing by leaps and folds. Hence, for an organisation to keep its efficiency, it is necessary to get a fast Web connection.

Data Security

Fast Internet connection will make it possible for businesses to fully backup the data and information readily available, avoiding data loss as a result of to devices failure or theft.

With a higher Web connection speed, it will have the ability to support the level of information backed up, which is constantly increasing. In case where information is being stored using a slow Web connection, it may result in information loss and other troubles. Furthermore, the back up may not be able to be accomplished even if it was scheduled to be done overnight.

Video Conferencing

One approach to increase performance while reducing expenses is to utilize video conferencing. This decreases the expense of transportation while saving the time needed to travel, which can be utilized to participate in more efficient work. In order to guarantee a smooth video conferencing, companies will need to make sure that they have the best facility, which is a quick and reliable Internet connection.

It is vital that the business gets a quick Internet connection as live video interaction needs greater bandwidth, which can only be satisfied by quick Web connection speed. If an organisation does not have a fast and trustworthy internet connection, it might lead to a negative conference experience for the client, and they may rely on your competitors to deal with them instead.

Heavy Weighted Emails & Sites

According to a survey by Microsoft, human now only have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is a sharp decrease from 12 seconds in 2000. To get people’s attention, e-mails and websites are ending up being more visual, and infographics are utilized more often nowadays.

With more visuals, it will suggest that the e-mails and sites are ‘much heavier’, thus requiring more bandwidth to view them, in order to avoid long loading time. Therefore, with a higher Web connection speed, it will mean that your employees will be able to get more performed in the exact same quantity of time as the loading time will reduce drastically.

Final Thought

All in all, by obtaining a fast and dependable Web connection will absolutely be adding worth to your business, and it will enhance productivity, clients’ satisfaction as well as enhance the users experience on your website.

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