About Us

Time Tracking Book is your news and resources for the latest trend in the sector of businesses, real estate, technology, entertainment, fashion and any topic related to the commercial world.

Established in May 2010 by Alex Williams, an award-winning journalist. Time Tracking Book, for over a decade, has established itself as the most popular online media across the US, Europe and Asia.

Aside from bringing you the latest news from our editors, we also accept contributions from influencers and bloggers. The goal of Time Tracking Book is to deliver content to make more responsible internet users and inspired entrepreneurs.

Time Tracking Book is probably the biggest media corporation in the English language that concentrates on business and lifestyle topics. From the latest advancements to current trends and stories of revolutionary startups, we cover everything relevant. Our aim is to forge fully immersive and engaging experiences for our readers.

From the moment of its realization, it was evident to us that Time Tracking Book had one mission: to help every startup succeed.

What initially began as a corporate blog to keep tabs on emerging startups in Singapore from 2007, has kept on growing over time to make sure we keep on offering all the suitable tools and insights to the business field.

We acknowledge the struggles that come with developing a successful company and this is more evident when you are battling alone. Thanks to Time Tracking Book, you can connect to a family of like-minded people who can become your supporters, partners, mentors, colleagues and clients.

We welcome you aboard!

Also, from emerging startups to public listed companies, we present interviews of outstanding people so that you can get inspired and learn from them.

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