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Toe Sucking: 14 Facts You Should Know

The Summer of Toe Suck has more than dipped its toes into mainstream culture, as evidenced by a slew of recent celebrity news stories that touch on the taboo but far more common than you might think issue. Toe sucking, although it may seem utterly scandalous and maybe icky, is really a lot more subtle than you’d expect. Although toe sucking may be considered a foot fetish, it is also widely practised as a stand-alone sex act that anybody can try out for himself or herself. If you have ever considered trying toe sucking or are just interested in the mechanics of the practice, you should be aware of the following points:

1. First and foremost, it does not need to be sexual unless you specifically want it to be so.

In a few weeks, Armie Hammer became a viral subject after posting an image on social media of his baby sucking on his toes, which was gross but not necessarily sexual in nature. In addition, Carol Queen, PhD, a sexologist at Good Vibrations, explains that “kids go through an oral period.” Consider all of the items that have “CHOKING HAZARD” labels on them: children will legitimately put anything in their mouths. It’s not even true that when a youngster begins nibbling on your toes, you’re getting a glimpse of their future as kinksters. Acting in the manner of an adult doing improper behaviour might indicate that the viewer is “overlapping a sexual shame—and shaming—reaction onto something where there isn’t any sex,” according to Queen.

2. The Royal Scandal of 1992 included toe-sucking as one of the factors.

Sarah Ferguson made news when images of her having her toes sucked by her businessman boyfriend, John Bryan, while on vacation were published while she was still married to (but separated from) Prince Andrew. Sarah Ferguson is still married to (but divorced from) Prince Andrew.

3. Julianna Hough is supposed to be interested in it.

The results of an interview with her hockey-playing husband indicated that she enjoys it when he licks the toes of her feet. I mean, get out of here, sis. She’s been dancing all day, and knowing that many toe-sucking hobbies also include a foot massage, it’s only natural that she’s doing so.

4. Yes, toe sucking is popular in the kiNK world (and is often seen in feminist communities), but it may also be a plain old sexual act in other contexts (e.g., a sex act with no sexual connotations).

According to Queen, a more vanilla approach to shrimping might arise from a desire to just please and appreciate their partner’s whole body, whereas “foot worship” is a step farther and a consensual means of one person being obedient to another. 

According to Queen, when it comes to toe play, “some individuals DO believe this is a ‘low’ type of behaviour and that it is a form of debasement.” However, it is not required to be so. Dom/sub players are always on the lookout for attractive abasement activities to engage in, whilst the rest of the team is like, ‘We both have feet, that makes us equal.’ It all depends on how kink you are! ” It’s basically true that toe sucking is only uncomfortable when it’s about power exchange; otherwise, it’s perfectly OK to treat it like any other body part or erogenous zone.

5. Shremping is another name for this activity.

In fact, Dr. Laura Deitsch, a resident sexologist at Vibrant, adds that “shrimping” is the term used to describe toe sucking in any other context—just like the shellfish. Consider that your toes are nothing more than shrimp on your feet. It makes sense when you think of it like that.

6. Being into toe-sucking does not always indicate that you have a foot fetish, and vice versa.

The following is an explanation provided by sex and relationship expert Kryss Shane, LSW, LMSW: Toe sucking is commonly regarded as being part of the foot fetish group. Shane points out that there are differences between toe sucking and usual foot fetishes, explaining that although “toe sucking is something a couple performs for their mate as foreplay,” “common foot fetishes centre on shoes, stockings, or the contour of the foot and toes.”

7. The reason why it feels so good is due to a combination of factors.

According to Shane, “the feet have an incredible number of nerve endings.” When you combine the endorphins and sexiness of connecting with your spouse in a prohibited manner, it’s a double whammy.

8. Being the giver may also be a turn-on in certain situations.

Several individuals, according to Shane, find it enjoyable not just because it offers their partner pleasure, but also because it is a less usual method of bringing their spouse on during foreplay—which checks out. Not everyone has the ability to be the kind of person that pulls toe jobs from their back pocket.

9. It’s probably important to talk about it first.

Communication and permission are essential when it comes to everything that takes place in bed. In order to do this on your spouse (or in order for your partner to test this out with you), Shane suggests asking them to consider incorporating it into foreplay and then asking them to do the same for you.

10. The setting doesn’t have to be completely dirty.

Rogers recommended that you bathe each other before plunging into the water. If your partner’s toes are in your mouth, this may provide a new level of intimacy while also making them feel better and more relaxed.

11. Indeed, the preparation process may be just as seductive as the actual cooking.

In the opinion of Jenni Skyler, a licenced clinical social worker and founder of Adam and Eve, some foot worshipers believe washing their partner’s feet to be an important component of the ritual.

12. Use the same prioritization as for oral sex.

In order to get things started, Sunny Rodgers, a clinical sexologist and certified sexual coach, recommends sucking and tickling the tips of your partner’s toes. Consider it similar to genital oral sex in that you want to start gently and mildly and gradually increase the intensity. You may also try circling their toes with your tongue, kissing and licking the vulnerable region between each toe, and other similar techniques.

13. You do not have to use only your mouth to compete.

Though sucking on your partner’s toes requires the use of your mouth, you may (and should) get a little more handsy with it as part of the physical act. Shane advises beginning with a foot massage and progressing to kissing each toe individually.

14. When it comes to toe-sucking, there should be no sense of embarrassment.

According to Shane, “toe sucking and other acts of sensuality and pleasure are nothing to be embarrassed about, no matter how seldom these topics are spoken publicly.” When someone has fetishes or urges, the only thing that’s wrong with them is that they feel ashamed of them. Despite the fact that there are certain sexual behaviours that are considered standard, being unconventional does not imply that you are abnormal in any manner.”

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